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Gloria De Nicoḷ - Annalisa Marasco

Pride and Joy
Provenienza: Lecce
Anno di formazione: /
Componenti: Mazzotta - Contino - Rucco - Aprile

When she was young, Liana was a member of a choir, but that didn't satisfy her: she had her little band with which she gave vent to her feelings, singing cover versions of Italian and English bands. At that time Alessandro was already her drummer; who would have thought that 10 years later they would be continuing to play together!
When she met Alex ,her musical life took a more serious turn. They began to play in pubs during the summer, it was fun to play in public, besides they managed to scrape together a bit of money, always useful to them, poor students!
They played unplugged, only with the guitar and vocals. But they weren't satisfied, so they formed a real band, complete with drums and bass guitar.
Alessandro was undoubtedly suitable for the music they wanted to create; Daniele was a discovery by Alex (who could be a talent-scout!). The name Pride and Joy was taken from the title of the famous song by Stevie Ray Vaughan (one of their idols, as well as Jimy Hendrix, B.B.King, ecc.): music is their pride and joy!
What they have always played is Rock'n'Blues: they express their feelings with music without fear of imperfection, no compromise with new technologies: they try to create a driving sound of great rhythmic and emotional intensity.

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